Why not enjoy the London Olympics from the peace and quiet of Balintore?

Have you thought of having an Olympic getaway? If you want to escape the Olympic crowd why not come for a holiday in the Seaboard village of Balintore and enjoy the peace of the Scottish Highlands.

Love them or hate them the 2012 Olympic Games are nearly here. If you are lucky enough to have tickets you are obviously looking forward to the event, to the hustle and bustle, the ceremony and the excitement surrounding the proceedings. Continue reading “Why not enjoy the London Olympics from the peace and quiet of Balintore?”

Before the wedding – the ‘blackening’

balintore harbour easter ross,If you are planning a wedding in Easter Ross have you thought about your hen or stag night? Here in Balintore we celebrate an upcoming marriage with the ‘blackening’ – a Scottish marriage ritual to beat any pub crawl. 

Scotland is famous for its prenuptial ceremonies and traditions and many have been around for hundreds of years. There’s ‘Carrot Sunday’, where the bride gives a small bunch of carrots to the groom for fertility, and the ‘Fairings’ where the groom gives his bride-to-be small gifts and love tokens. Continue reading “Before the wedding – the ‘blackening’”

Following in the footsteps of the Picts – the Pictish Trail and the stones of Shandwick and Hilton

View Balintore from Shandwick StoneOver a thousand years ago Easter Ross was home to the Picts. Today, carved standing stones serve as a reminder of their presence. Follow the Pictish Trail to the Seaboard Villages and visit the  Shandwick, Hilton and Nigg stones as part of your Highland holiday.

As a poor student in Edinburgh one of my favorite outings was to one of the many free galleries and museums in the city. It was a great way to stay warm and maybe even to learn something. Continue reading “Following in the footsteps of the Picts – the Pictish Trail and the stones of Shandwick and Hilton”

Are you having a ‘staycation’ this Easter?

balintore harbour easter ross, Will 2012 be another year for the UK ‘staycation’?

Here in Balintore, Easter-ross we are getting ready for another holiday season.

Our cottage at 8 1/2 Johns Street is all ready for it’s first visitors and the garden is starting to bloom.

The geese are already migrating north for their summer breeding grounds and our visitors are migrating to the seaboard villages for their Easter Break.

This year we are offering a special April staycation rate and this includes the Easter break. You can now book for our 3 bedroom cottage for up to seven people for a weekly rate of £450. For more information please contact Christel or visit us on Owners Direct.

A Quiet Life? A wee perusal of my Balintore garden

sparrow and robin in treeThe warm weather has brought a burst spring activity and birdsong to Balintore as I prepare the garden for holiday visitors to Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands.

I remember complaining about my mothers holiday plans when I was young. She would take us ‘up north’, to the country to ‘detox’. I used to moan that it was too quiet if we went to the country. There was nothing to see or do.  Continue reading “A Quiet Life? A wee perusal of my Balintore garden”